Breast Cancer Survivors or anyone who has lost a nipple for ANY reason!

- Help you to decide if permanent artistic tattooing is right for you.

- Help get you through the waiting period until your scars are ready.

-Help you find the best style for you!

- Decide on size and colour that fits.

When faced with a BRCA1+ diagnosis and faced with a prophylatic mastectomy, our founder Stacie-Rae saw that there was noone doing nipple tattoos that looked like... nipples.

So, she wrote a book helping tattoo practitioners with some basic drawing skills to achieve a look that could actually provide clients true emotional healing.

To illustrate the book, she took photos of her consenting friends nipples and did drawings of them.  The byproduct of that project was hand-created nipple portraits that were made digital, and perfect for turning into temporary tattoos for breast cancer survivors!

Here's your NIPPLEBACK!
(tsk tsk - we have to have SOME fun after everything we've been through to get here!)